Lisa Pasquarello, Veterinarian

Lisa Pasquarello, VMD
Practice Management and Medical Staff Training


Dr. Pasquarello is a 2002 graduate of University of Pennsylvania. She was raised in Pennsylvania with an extensive and successful background in AKC dog showing of Alaskan Malamutes and Shiba Inus. Her early involvement in showing dogs has driven her passion for animal care and for veterinary medicine. Dr. Pasquarello has had the privilege of a diverse veterinary and research experience in her years as a veterinarian. She has practiced in high level emergency and referral clinics where she has amassed a large repertoire of surgical, ultrasound, critical care and internal medicine skills and has been the previous owner of general practice hospitals as well. Her passion is to provide compassionate and intelligent care for your pets and to provide thorough evaluations of problems in a practical manner.  Her passion is driven by the desire to serve the needs of the families. Dr. Pasquarello is exuberant about patient care, thrives on empowering owners’ choices through increased education and her passion for quality care is palpable. She looks forward to sharing her skills and love of the profession with the Park City Community of which she has been a member for over a decade. When Dr. Pasquarello is not enjoying the company of the Bark City Specialty family, she can be found hiking, skiing or running with her 2 legged and 4 legged family in the mountains.

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